This index leads you to the Paint Shop Pro tubes I have for download. Click on the filename to download any item, and in the early pages you will download a self-extracting .exe file. When you have downloaded it, double click on the file in Windows Explorer, and it will extract and decompress the graphics file and save it to your hard drive.

The default folder for PSP5 tubes is c:\Program Files\Paint Shop Pro 5\Tubes but you have the opportunity during the extraction process, if you wish, to ignore the default and have them extracted to any folder of your choice.

In later pages I have discontinued the self-extracting zip files, and use simple zip files. There are two reasons for this. One is that there is an understandable reluctance in people to download .exe files, in case they should contain a virus. I can reassure you that there is no such risk with these, and that they are no more than zip files which will put the tube files in the right folder for PSP5 for you. The second reason is the issue of PSP 6. Nowadays many people will want to instal them in PSP 6 or 7 tubes file, not PSP 5.

All the tubes are compatible with PSP5, 6 or 7 if you open the .tub files in Paint Shop Pro and export them as tubes. They will not work in PSP 6 or 7 if you simply put them into the tube folder. If you are using one of the early files in exe format, I suggest that you override the default folder and put them in a temporary folder from which you can open them in PSP. The information you need to enter when exporting them as tubes is shown alongside the example picture.

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This gallery is a listed resource at Hassle Free.

The images marked with the logo you see above are my own copyright and you may use or modify them in your personal, non-commercial artwork. I do not require a link back if you use them on a webpage, unless it is your policy to do that, but the images must not be claimed as your own work, offered for sale, or used in images which are offered for sale.

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Images marked with this button are tubes made from clip art or photographs in the Corel Gallery 200,000 collection. Their copyright belongs to Corel, and I cannot offer them as my own sole creations. If you use any and put images on a website you must state that they 'include images Copyright of the Corel Corporation' on the page where they appear.


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Sheep, bearings (metallic spheres), flowers, rings, stars, triangles PAGE 1
Cats, diamonds, horseshoes, earrings, gold and silver snowflakes PAGE 2
Dogs, quilted silk butterflies, chocolate shells PAGE 3
Lollipops, ropes of various types, lightning, planet earth in three styles, skeletons PAGE 4
Rabbits, European robins, Christmas baubles, holly, mistletoe, daffodils, picket fence, tumbledown fence, fireworks PAGE 5
Blossom, Flowers, Crocus, DaffodilPAGE 6
Pansies, Daffodils, Tulip, Camellia, Swans, CygnetsPAGE 7
Dolphin poses, Bases for snowglobes and eggs, Urns or vases, Ashtray, Ashtray with cigarette, Cigarette PAGE 8
Palm trees, Goats, Christmas trees, Sleigh with reindeerPAGE 9
Reindeer, Reindeer with harness, Teddy bears, Chain, Snowman, Christmas baubles, ScrollsPAGE 10
Corsages, Spring wild flowers, Dandelions, Chickens, Musical instruments, Orchid corsages, Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant), Lace edged cushions PAGE 11
Indian ceremonial elephants,PAGE 12
Tubes by W_C_SALLY. Drops, spheres and candles for Christmas lights and decorations SALLY'S TUBES


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