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wood and hot wax


This image was made in Paint Shop Pro 5 with wood and hot wax. I began with a wood filled image, and in the centre made a cutout square using cutout and drop shadow. In this square I put large dingbat from Printers Ornaments One font, and again using cutout and drop shadow, gave it the appearance of carved wood.

coloured dingbatI then opened another image and put another copy - same size - of the dingbat in that, and coloured in the leaves and flower.

I selected the flower, copied and pasted it onto the wood image, and adjusted it till it was exactly on the corresponding spot in the wooden dingbat. I selected the red flower, and gave it a coat of white hot wax. Still selected I used Cutout with white shadow colour and negative offsets.

I then did a red hot wax, and used Hue/Saturation/Lightness to adjust the colours to give a shiny effect. Another red hot wax was followed by adjusting Brightness/Contrast.

I followed the same procedure with the leaves, only using green for the second and third hot wax. I did not select the stalks of the leaves or the flower centre from the coloured image so that they stayed as wood.

For the four corner images I used another dingbat from Printers Ornaments One, and rotated it to fit each corner. These characters I made with floating checked on the text page, and red as the foreground colour. With each one, while still selected, I did a cutout with black shadow and the interior filled with red. I gave it two coats of red hot wax, colour adjusting after each coat. (Hue/Saturation/Lightness after the first one and Brightness/Contrast after the second). Finally I did a drop shadow with opacity at 100 and everything else at 1, with the lightest shade I could find in the wood.

The other border characters are from the same font. I did two copies of each one, exactly on top of each other. The first one was with floating unchecked, and I did a simple cutout and drop shadow with no interior fill, to give a carved look. Then, the second copy was done with floating checked, foreground colour as green. I defloated each one after I had rotated and moved it into place, and then did exactly what I did with the corner ones, only with a green interior fill and hot wax.

Two of the Paint Shop Pro User Group Study Sessions gave me the basics I was playing with here. Both can be downloaded from

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They are
Keya's Wood Carving (7-30-98)
Glass Text (8-20-98)  


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