This pattern is from Spectrum Glass, and all the pattern areas are filled with glass images from the Spectrum Glass catalogue. There is a link to Spectrum Glass on the previous graphics page, page 7. Paint Shop Pro 5 was used.

The leading was made by first finding all edges and then using Colour/Negative. The lead lines were then selected and filled with black. The leading was done by following Hoods' Stained Glass Tutorial. Link to Hoods' Stained Glass Tutorial When you get to the page, click the link to Stained Glass in the menu.

Various patterned glass samples were used for the fills, each area of the image being promoted to a separate layer. The layer slider was drawn back for both the wings and the bubbles, to give a transparent effect.



This is another stained glass image using Spectrum Glass pattern and glass samples. The leading here was widened by finding all edges, using Colour/negative, selecting the leading lines and filling them with black. The selection was saved to the alpha channel. They were them embossed, promoted to a new layer, and a dark grey hot wax coating applied. The hot wax layer slider was pulled back till the lead colour was right, and then the layers merged. Using the clone tool, a small piece of the leading was copied to every place where the lead joined or crossed, to give a small bump. The selection was then loaded from the alpha channel and the lead promoted to a new layer, where it was now on a transparent background.

The various areas of the pattern were selected and glass patterns applied. Spectrum's water glass was used for the river, and various other patterned glass samples for the rest of the picture. Only the leaves were done with a plain cathedral glass, with small sections cut from it to give dark, medium and lighter greens. Where the patterns repeated and lines were visible, the clone tool was used to hide the joins.

After colouring, each area was promoted to a new layer. When the image was complete, the original background layer was deleted, leaving the patterned areas and the leading as an image on a transparent background.


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