This owl picture, using a dingbat from Listemagerens 1998B font, simulates mother-of-pearl inlaid in wood. There is a tutorial in my tutorials section, detailing how this effect is achieved. Link to tutorials section.



This simulation of gold inlaid in marble was made from a photograph of my two cats. My tutorial on wood engraving explains how an outline picture is obtained from a photograph. The gold effect was obtained by using Blade Pro with Paula's Brocade preset.

Link to Paula's site



This stained glass rose was made entirely with Paint Shop Pro 5's built in features. No plugins or imported filters were used.

The leading was made by finding all edges, using the colour negative facility, and then selecting the lead lines. They were first embossed, and then copied to a new layer on which they were given a hot wax coating. This gave a rather too black look, so the layer slider was lowered until the they took on the colour of lead. Then, using the clone tool, a small section of the lead was copied to the points where two lines of lead cross or join, to make a small bump such as is usually seen in real stained glass leading.

All the stained glass was done as pattern flood fills, using as the textures glass sample pictures from the catalogue of Spectrum Glass. The pattern for the picture is one of the free download patterns on the Spectrum Glass site.

Link to Spectrum Glass.



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