This quilted silk picture was done by the method described in my Quilted Silk tutorial.

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The only difference is that the quilting 'thread' is gold. This was made by using my 'gold thread' Blade Pro preset in the leading instructions, instead of the one recommended in Mike McKnelly's Leading tutorial. (Link to the Leading tutorial in the Quilted Silk tutorial).

Download the 'Gold Thread' Blade Pro preset

The frame is a PhotoImpact 4 3D frame, using the ramp control for colour and gold colour ramp. 





The pattern for this stained glass image was downloaded from the Internet. The link below will lead you to many free patterns which can be downloaded.

The stained glass effect was obtained in exactly the same way as described in the stained glass image descriptions on the first graphics page, except that the flowers and leaves were selected separately from the rest of the glass areas, and the texture in the Blade Pro preset was lowered to give them a smoother glass than the surrounding areas. The height in both Blade Pro operations was 36.

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This stained glass picture was again made in the same way as described on the first graphics page, except that the background was made using a glass sample downloaded from the Spectrum glass site. All of the work was done in Paint Shop Pro 5. The glass sample was cropped to remove a very coarse textured area at one side which looked unnatural when the pattern repeated, and used as the pattern for a pattern flood fill in the background areas.

All other areas of the picture were selected in accordance with the colour which would be used. Each colour area was selected, the selection expanded by one pixel, and promoted to a new layer. On this layer the areas were coloured and promoted to another layer on which Blade Pro basic glass preset was applied. All of the colours were simple one colour flood fills except for the flower petals which were a gradient fill, with the light colour at the tips of the petals and the darker at the centre. The Blade Pro texture was changed for the bird to burrs.bmp to give a different look from the flowers and leaves.

The pattern, like the opal glass sample, was downloaded from Spectrum Glass.

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