Incredible Phat

This image was made for a Christmas competition in which the scene had to be focussed on a window. This image illustrates the poem quoted below. The angels in the image are from angel tubes from tubz 4U. The trees are from tubes by Barry and Marg Davies

by Jimmy Webb (Jimmy Webb's Animals)

On the coldest night of the year
At a pub called The Elephant's Ear
Incredible Phat, the Inn-keeper's cat,
Was having a saucer of beer
With fourteen merry gentlemen
On the coldest night of the year.

As the hour of eleven drew near
Some poor stranger in rags did appear
At the door of the inn,
Face weary and thin,
To ask 'Is there any room here?'
But the owner just laughed
And said, 'My friend,
It's the coldest night of the year.'

'We've a sheikh with three wives,
And a money lender,
A taxman, a soldier,
And a harness mender,
Three barmy old coots in silver boots,
Two are star-gazers
And the other's a seer.'

Out into the night crystal clear
The stranger went hiding a tear
And Incredible Phat, the Inn-keeper's cat
Followed and saw standing near,
Peacably still,
A donkey bearing a pale sweet girl
Through the coldest night of the year.

While the barmaid, the priest and the diplomat
Bought one last round for an acrobat
And the spy with no chin
Who had also come in
From the cold with Herod's surly charioteer.

Then Phat said, 'Friends, be of good cheer
For I know of a shelter that's near.'
And he led them out back
To a tumbledown shack
Where the Inn-keeper's wife kept a steer.
And he said 'It's the warmest place in town
On the coldest night of the year.'


This was my second entry for the same competition. The decorations at the top of the curtain are from tubes by Barry and Marg Davies. The figure of Santa and the Christmas tree were taken from Victorian Christmas cards.



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