There will be a noticeable wait with only mountains and rippling water visible before the full picture is seen.
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This picture is not a photograph. The scene is computer generated using the freeware landscape generating program Terragen, and David Griffiths' lake applet. The lake was created by painting the lake area with a contrasting colour, then saving the picture with that area transparent. It was then used for an overlay with the lake applet to allow the rippling of the lake on the image underneath to show through.

The area used for the image in the lake applet was the strip of the picture containing the mountains. It was darkened very slightly, especially along the shoreline, to give a little more contrast between the lake and its surroundings. With so much snow in the picture it was difficult to discern the shoreline, even with the rippling effect, when the reflection was the same colour as the mountains.

The stag was isolated from a photograph, reduced in size by about 80%, and placed in the landscape, on its own layer in Paint Shop Pro. A second copy of the stag was placed on another layer, mirrored vertically and rotated by 10 degrees. Its colour was adjusted to black, and the copy placed in front of the deer to be its shadow. Because of the rotation, the shadow back legs did not meet the original stag's, so the push tool was used to connect them. Gaussian blur and the soften tool were used to give it a more realistic look, and the layer slider reduced so that the shadow was semi-transparent and the snowy ground showed through it. The lighten RGB tool was used with a very small brush tip along the stag's back, to suggest the diffused sunlight shining on him. (The sun is in the sky, top right, hazy and peeping from a cloud.)

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