There will be a noticeable wait with only sky and rippling water visible before the full picture is seen.
Java is required to view this image


This image uses David Griffiths' Lake Applet. I am grateful to Willy and Raine of the Paint Shop Pro Users' Group, without whose help and advice this picture would not have happened. I had great difficulty in getting the overlay and main picture proportions right, and unless they are right, the rippling does not happen in the right place, or part of the image may be duplicated or lost altogether.

Willy and Raine gave me working images from which I was able to see that the overlay is the full picture, a gif with the area where the rippling water is to appear made transparent. The main image is a copy of the top half of the overlay, except that it can be a jpg. It must be as near as possible to half the height of the overlay. The height figure entered into the applet coding is between 10 and 20 pixels less than the full height of the overlay.

The frame was constructed using PhotoImpact's frame feature. It consists of two 10 pixel 3d frames, and between them a 30 pixel 2d frame filled with a texture tile made with PhotoImpact's Artist Texture Maker. There is a tutorial on making this type of frame in my Tutorials section.

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