This kitten looking for a fish supper came from the Corel Magic Gallery 200000 clip art Colour-me section. Intended for printing colouring-in books for children, these images also make wonderful patterns for stained glass. The fur effect glass is one of Spectrum's baroque glass range. The shaded glass in the background and in the water in the bowl was Spectrum clear glass, given a tint using Paint Shop Pro's Colourize.

The frame was made by making a wooden block and giving it a bevel edge with the Paint Shop Pro Buttonizer. Cutout was used to create a 'hole' in the frame for the picture, and the cat image was copied, pasted as a layer onto the wood, and adjusted so that it was in the hole. The illusion of the cat picture being below the level of the frame was lost when the picture was put in because it covered up the cutout shadow. So I selected the picture, inverted the selection, and applied a drop shadow.

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