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When I was a young librarian I worked on a mobile library, visiting small villages and remote farms. At one farm I asked the farmer's wife if I could use the toilet, (our mobile library had no facilities) and was told 'Of course. It is in the barn'. When I got in the barn (with no lock on the door), there among the hay bales I was confronted by four seats in a row, two big ones for the adults and two child-sized ones. Beneath the seats was the large chasm of the cess pit, under the barn, which would be pumped out at regular intervals by the Council Sanitation Dept. I was very glad that nobody came to use one of the other three toilets while I was in there!

The toilets in this image are models by Sams 3d


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Unusually for me this is a Poser render. Usually I take Poser figures and props into Vue d'Esprit and render them there, but the pavilion curtains hung straight down and hid Beauty in Vue, so I did the whole scene in Poser. The spinning wheel is by Sams 3d  

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