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LYNE's Moose models, and my own snow fir trees texture.


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Inspired by the Roger Whittaker song 'Albany'. The song tells the story of a Highlander, Gordon Mackenzie, known as The Eagle, and his castle, Albany. He had a jealous younger brother, known as The Raven who one day turned on Gordon Mackenzie in jealous rage and tried to kill him to take his wealth and his lands. But The Eagle retaliated swiftly and killed The Raven. The King's soldiers came to arrest Gordon Mackenzie for his brother's murder and seize his lands, but he refused to surrender, saying that English soldiers will never take a Highland man. So they sacked Albany and reduced it to ruins and Gordon Mackenzie, The Eagle, was killed. Legend says that to this day a golden eagle nests in Albany's ruined towers.

Lyne's perching eagle. Tower made in Rhino. Post work in Paint Shop Pro 7.


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