This stained glass image was made in Paint Shop Pro, using a pattern from the Dover collection in Imsi Masterclips 202000, and stained glass patterns from Spectrum Glass.

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Link to Spectrum Glass

I prepared the leading by first eroding the pattern. The pattern was much too large, but I did not resize it until the leading was done. I zoomed in and inspected the black lines, using the paintbrush tool to fill in any which were broken and which would have allowed one coloured glass to 'bleed' into another area. So I did not fill in the lines within a sail, which would all be inside one piece of glass, but did make sure that the outside edges of every sail were complete.

I then made a new inverted mask and saved it to the alpha channel. I deleted the mask and loaded the selection from the alpha channel. I used emboss, promoted the selection to a layer and used emboss again. Then, still on the promoted layer, I deselected and then applied a coat of dark grey hot wax. I then resized the image and finally pulled the layer slider on the promoted selection back till it was a lead colour.

The difficulty with applying the stained glass was that there were dozens of tiny portions of the image which would have to be dark brown, for the wood of the ship, and they would be almost impossible to select. So I left them till last. On the background layer, for each section which would need the same glass, I used the magic wand, holding down the shift key, to select them all, and promoted them to a layer, on which I filled the selections with glass. As each area was done, more and more of the background layer areas were hidden by glass on higher layers, until I was left with only the areas which were to be brown still uncovered, and all I had to do was fill the background with the brown glass. The only areas which were not filled with other glass in higher layers, and which showed through all of them, were the ones which had to be brown.

There was another problem. The woodcut had shading to suggest the waves of the sea. Because they were black they had now become leading, and the finished ship looked as though it was sailing onto the rocks. I had to paint these leaded waves white on the lead layer, so that they looked like foam instead of rocks.

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