For this triptych, with two images on each panel, the background, used for the last frame, was drawn freehand in Photo Impact 4. The foreground was selected, converted to an object, and filled with the grass4 texture from the natural texture gallery. The cloud is one of the particle effect clouds. The figure of Christ was isolated from a photograph of a stained glass window in All Saints' Church, Leamington Spa. The figure was given a little depth by selecting the red garments and using the buttonizer (any shape) to give them a rounded bevel. This was repeated with a slightly different bevel for the white garments. The figure was placed in the background and became the first frame.

The image was then transferred to Paint Shop Pro 5 and the mist added using the spray can tool set at mist, with the density, size and opacity adjusted for each frame to give the required effect. On frames 2-4 the mist spray was applied to a copy of frame 1, and in frame 5, to a copy of frame 6. Yellow lines were drawn to surround and separate the frames.

The image was returned to Photo Impact 4, and one short horizontal line between a vertical pair of images selected and copied to the clipboard. All the yellow lines were selected, and the buttonizer, (any shape) used to give them a gold effect and a rounded bevel. The short flat line was then pasted back to flatten the bevel between the vertical pairs, so that the final effect is of three panels, each with two images, a triptych.

The frame is a preset frame from the Photo Impact 4 classic frames. The picture label on the frame was made by drawing a rounded rectangle with the Photo Impact 4 path tool, converting it to a 3d round object, and adjusting the bevel and depth to give the flattened top to the label. Metallic shading was selected and the colour adjusted visually till it blended with the frame. The title is 2d text in the Aristocrat font.  


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