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PAGE 1The Ascension of Christ (triptych)
PAGE 2Agnus Dei (stained glass)
Marmalade Cat (stained glass)
Fairy (stained glass)
PAGE 3 Fallingwater (stained glass)
Parrot (stained glass)
PAGE 4 Towering O'er the Wrecks of Time (collage)
Vision - Frank Lloyd Wright (collage)
PAGE 5 Victorian Flower Girl (stained glass/quilted silk)
Water Lily and Dragonfly (stained glass/quilted silk)
PAGE 6 Gone Fishin' (quilted silk)
Fuchsia (stained glass)
The Blue Bird (stained glass)
PAGE 7 Wisdom (wood inlaid with mother-of-pearl)
Caesar and Nero (gold inlaid marble)
Glass rose (stained glass)
PAGE 8 Wind Dancer (stained glass)
The Duckling (stained glass)
PAGE 9 Suffer Little Children (etched glass)
PAGE 10 A Painted Ship upon a Painted Ocean (stained glass)
PAGE 11 Tall Ship (etched glass)
Violets (etched glass)
PAGE 12 The Galleon (stained glass)
PAGE 13 Orchids (quilted silk)
Orchids (stained glass)
PAGE 14 Bird's Head (gold inlaid marble)
Owl (gold inlaid marble)
Horse's Head (silver inlaid marble )
PAGE 15 The Guitar Fairy (stained glass)
The Mermaid (stained glass)
PAGE 16 Caesar and Nero (engraved wood)
Rose (gold inlaid marble)
Rose (stained glass with mask traced leading)
PAGE 17 Kitten with the Fishbowl (stained glass)
PAGE 18 Unicorn (stained glass)
Coat of Arms (stained glass with Blade Pro and Eye Candy)
PAGE 19 Winter Snows (Alcsnow Java applet)
PAGE 20 Winter Stream (Lake Java applet)
PAGE 21 The High Seas (Lake Java applet)
PAGE 22 Winter Night (Jsnow Java applet)
PAGE 23 Winter Lake (Terragen landscape generator and Lake Java Applet)
PAGE 24 The Coldest Night of the Year (Competition entry)
Santa (Competition entry)
PAGE 25 Candle in the Wind (two interpretations)
PAGE 26 The Concrete Jungle (Challenge image)
Once there were real ones (Challenge Image)
PAGE 27 The Lovers (Terragen and Poser)
Walpurgisnacht (Terragen and Poser)
PAGE 28 Pearly Gates (Terragen, a shape and tubes)
Alien Power (Terragen and the painting and spray can tools)
PAGE 29 The Beat Goes On (Terragen and collage)
PAGE 30 Artist's Studio (Collage)
David (Textures and blur)
PAGE 31 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Terragen and Poser)
PAGE 32 Pegasus (Terragen, Paint Shop Pro and Plant Studio)
PAGE 33 Fractals and Textures - 1 (Ultra Fractal, Tierazon and various texture makers)
PAGE 34 Fractals and Textures - 2 (Ultra Fractal, Tierazon and various texture makers)
PAGE 35 Fractals and Textures - 3 (Ultra Fractal, Tierazon and various texture makers)
PAGE 36 A Room with a View (Terragen, tubes, fractal, Jama 3d filter, Wacom Pen Tools)
PAGE 37 Good and Evil (Ray Dream Studio and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 38 The Adoration of the Magi (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 39 Candles (Ray Dream Studio)
PAGE 40 Decorated Listemageren Dingbats (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 41 Psycho (Poser 4 and Paint Shop Pro 6)
PAGE 42 Spitfire (Digital Oil Painting - Ray Dream Studio, Paint Shop Pro and Paint Engine)
PAGE 43 Castle in Moonlight (Ray Dream Studio)
PAGE 44 Kingfisher (Quilted silk)
PAGE 45 Decorated eggs (Ray Dream Studio and Paint Shop Pro
PAGE 46 Passion Flower (Digital oil painting - Paint Shop Pro and Paint Engine)
PAGE 47 Planets (Ray Dream Studio and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 48 The End of the Rainbow (Terragen and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 49 Adam and Eve (Terragen, Poser 4, and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 50 Strange Encounter (Poser 4, and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 51 Dragons (Paint Shop Pro stained glass)
PAGE 52 Pond at Hearsall Common, Coventry (My photograph and Lake Java Applet)
PAGE 53 No Place to Run Out of Petrol (Terragen and Paint Shop Pro)
Ghosts (Terragen and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 54 Glory (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 55 Two Globes (Ray Dream Studio)
PAGE 56 Star Among the Stars (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 57 Wild and Free (Terragen and Paint Shop Pro)
Museum and Art Gallery (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 58 In Transit (Paint Shop Pro)
Arrival (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 59 Slaying the Dragon (Terragen and Paint Shop Pro)
Magic World (Terragen, Paint Shop Pro and Painter 3d)
PAGE 60 Native American Princess (Terragen and Paint Shop Pro)
The Farm (Terragen and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 61 Fungi (Mavica photograph and Painter 3d)
Wendy the Pixie (Mavica photograph and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 62 Swans (Paint Shop Pro and PhotoImpact)
Fractal Frame (Paint Shop Pro and Mavica photograph)
PAGE 63 Mystery Story (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 64 Owl (Paint Shop Pro etching)
Birds and Holly (Paint Shop Pro etching)
PAGE 65 Magic Horses Ride the Rainbow (Paint Shop Pro)
If Winter Comes... (Paint Shop Pro masks)
PAGE 66 Safe (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 67 Galloping up the Milky Way (Universe and Paint Shop Pro)
Morning Leap (Terragen and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 68 The Year of the Dragon (Painter 6)
PAGE 69 The Snowman (Paint Shop Pro, Poser 4 and Terragen)
Christmas Greetings (Painter 6)
PAGE 70 Falling Snow (Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop)
PAGE 71 Singin' in the rain (Paint Shop Pro and PhotoImpact)
PAGE 72 Temple of the strange gods (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 73 Two Scottish Images: (Paint Shop Pro)
    The King over the Water
    The Immortal Memory
PAGE 74 Paintings from photographs, crocuses and squirrel
PAGE 75 Paintings from photographs, pine cones and swan and cygnets
PAGE 76 Paintings from photographs, lilac and swan beside fountain
PAGE 77 Paintings from photographs, cygnet and baby pine siskin
PAGE 78 Paintings from photographs, squirrel, river bridge scene
PAGE 79 Paintings from photographs, flower, butterfly
PAGE 80 The Mermaid (stained glass)
Cocktails for Two (Poser and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 81 The Year of the Dragon (Paint Shop Pro)
The Teddy Bears' Picnic (Mavica photograph and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 82 The Phoenix (Paint Shop Pro carved marble)
All the World's a stage (Ray Dream Studio)
PAGE 83 The Chapel (Paint Shop Pro)
The Mistletoe Bough (Poser and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 84 Glass Bell (Tierazon and Paint Shop Pro)
Mothering Sunday (Painter 3d and Paint Shop Pro)
Rose Egg (Painter 3d and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 85 St. Agnes' Eve (Paint Shop Pro)
King of the River (Mavica Photograph and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 86 Two images using Anton Kisiel's Poser Peacock
   Peacock (Terragen, Paint Shop Pro, KPT6 Scene builder, Poser)
   Peacocks (Paint Shop Pro, Poser, KPT6 Scene Builder, Terragen, Hemera Photo Objects)
PAGE 87 Fractal (Paint Shop Pro and KPT5 Fraxplorer and Fiber Optics)
Images of Spring (Mavica photograph collage in Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 88 Mountains and Lake (Bryce)
Summer Holiday (Bryce with Hemera Photo Objects)
PAGE 89 Haunted Waters (Bryce)
Castle (Bryce)
PAGE 90 Paintings from photographs, bluebells and lily.
PAGE 91 Paintings from photographs, swans.
PAGE 92 The Lady of the Pearls (Bryce)
PAGE 93 Three weather studies (Bryce)
PAGE 94 Sunset(Bryce)
Stained glass (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 95 The Past(Bryce)
The Sunken Ship(Bryce)
PAGE 96 Summer Evening (Paint Shop Pro)
The Haunted Garden (Paint SHop Pro)
PAGE 97 My How you've changed (Poser, Paint Shop Pro)
The Sun Worshipper (Poser, Bryce)
PAGE 98 In the Courtyard (Bryce)
The Party (Bryce)
PAGE 99 Country Garden (Jungle 3d)
With This Ring (Poser and Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 100 The Moon is made of Green Cheese (Universe, Paint Shop Pro)
The Adoration of the Animals (Rhino, Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 101 The Pied Piper (Paint Shop Pro)
King Rat (Bryce, Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 102 Two Tam O'Shanter images:
Kirk Alloway seem'd in a bleeze (PhotoImpact, Poser, Paint Shop Pro)
Auld Nick in Shape o' Beast (Bryce, Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 103 Beside Still Waters (Vue d'esprit)
Mountain Greenery (Vue d'esprit)
PAGE 104 Frozen Lake (Vue d'esprit)
Waterfall (Vue d'esprit)
PAGE 105 Sunset (Vue d'esprit)
Sunset (Bryce)
PAGE 106 Waterfall (Bryce)
Parrot (Stained glass)
PAGE 107 Excalibur goes home (Bryce and Poser)
Smugglers' Cove (Bryce)
PAGE 108 Stonehenge (Bryce)
Stonehenge Dawn (Bryce and Paint Shop Pro 7)
PAGE 109 The Worshipper (Bryce and Poser)
Earth Born (Bryce)
PAGE 110 The Pirates' Cave (Vue d'Esprit, Rhinoceros and Paint Shop Pro 7)
PAGE 111 Where the White Bear Reigns (Vue d'Esprit)
Ziggurat (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 112 Squirrel's Hoard (Paint Shop Pro 7)
Reflections (Paint Shop Pro 7)
Easter (Paint Shop Pro 7 and Terragen)
PAGE 113 The Kraken (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 114 Creation, Day 3(Vue d'Esprit)
The Mistletoe Bough (Vue D'Esprit)
PAGE 115 The Sunbather (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 116 Pastoral Scene (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 117 Sunset (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Armada (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Foundering (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 118 Out in Space (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Flying High (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 119 The Waterhole (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Coffee Break (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 120 'One for my Baby and One More for the Road' (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Full Fathom Five (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 121 Oasis (Vue d'Esprit 4)
The Mermaid's Pet (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 122 Winter (Terragen and David Griffiths' snow applet)
PAGE 123 Waiting for His Master (Bryce 5)
The Rock Pool (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 124 Two Cinderella images (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 125 Run, Rabbit (Vue d'Esprit 4)
The Birth of Pegasus (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 126 Heavy Horse (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Palomino (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 127 Locking Horns (Vue d'Esprit 4)
I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 128 11 September 2001 - The Cry is Heard (Vue D'Esprit 4)
11 September 2001 - Defiance (Paint Shop Pro 7)
PAGE 129 The Wings of the Morning (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Tooth and claw (Vue d'esprit 4)
PAGE 130 The Bells of Heaven (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Afternoon nap (Vue d'esprit 4)
PAGE 131 Friends of the Deep (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Mother and Son (Vue d'esprit 4)
PAGE 132 Loch na H-Iolaire - fine weather (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Loch na h_Iolaire - rain (Vue d'esprit 4)
PAGE 133 Winter grazing (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Albany (Vue d'esprit 4)
PAGE 134 Ghost Ship (Vue d'Esprit 4)
The Valley of the Rocks (Vue d'esprit 4)
PAGE 135 Thinking about Thanksgiving (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Wild goats in the rain (Vue d'esprit 4)
PAGE 136 Bleak mid-winter (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Santa's Busy Helpers (Vue d'Esprit 4, Paint Shop Pro)
Ring out, Wild Bells (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 137 Lakeside cabin (Vue d'Esprit 4, lake and snow applets)
PAGE 138 The Bull (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Resting Place (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 139 Where Fairies Fly (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Flamingo Lake (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 140 The Waterhole (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Mystery (Vue d'Esprit 4 - E-on Software Picture of the Day, 25 May 2002)
PAGE 141 Still Life (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Nile Journey (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 142 Pastoral Scene (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Don't Do It! (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 143 On the Sea Bed (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Circus Rehearsal (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 144 Logging (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Running before the wind (Vue d'Esprit 4)
PAGE 145 Jubilee (Paint Shop Pro collage)
Final Approach (Painter 7 oil painting from photograph)
PAGE 146 How on Earth Do I Get Off This Thing? (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Sandstorm (Vue D'Esprit 4)
PAGE 147 Admiring the New Baby (Vue d'Esprit 4)
Tragic Encounter 14 April 1912 (Vue D'Esprit 4)
PAGE 148 The Pearl Diver (Vue D'Esprit 4)
The Lying Lips
PAGE 149 Swans
The Wild Sea (Terragen)
PAGE 150 The Cat (Paint Shop Pro)
The Twa Corbies (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 151 Photos in Frames (PhotoImpact)
Butterfly Frame (PhotoImpact)
PAGE 152 Hyacinth (Painter, PhotoImpact)
Daisy (Painter, PhotoImpact)
PAGE 153 The Mistletoe Bough (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 154 Poolside Party (Paint Shop Pro)
Petunia (Painter)
PAGE 155 Agnus Dei (Paint Shop Pro)
Up Up and Away (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 156 Barn Toilets (Vue d'Esprit)
Sleeping Beauty (Poser)
PAGE 157 Joseph and Mary Arrive at Bethlehem (Vue d'Esprit)
Santa Prepares to Set Off (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 158 Riverside Cottage (Vue d'Esprit)
If Wishes were Horses... (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 159 The Champion (Vue d'Esprit/Painter)
The Igloo (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 160 The Guardian of the Fire (Vue d'Esprit)
Wild White Horses (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 161 The Dragon Family Holiday (Vue d'Esprit)
Fairies (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 162 Patrolling Loch Ness (Vue d'Esprit)
In the Depths of Loch Ness (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 163 Moby Dick (Vue d'Esprit)
Tam O'Shanter (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 164 Rose Fairies (Vue d'Esprit)
The Rooster (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 165 The Treasure Cave (Vue d'Esprit)
The Chicken Pen (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 166 Landscape (Paint Shop Pro)
Elephants (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 167 The Hollow Tree (Vue d'Esprit)
Faberge style egg (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 168 Xanadu (Vue d'Esprit)
Spring (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 169 The Boar Hunt (Vue d'Esprit)
Daffodils (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 170 Our pig (Vue d'Esprit)
Glass Bouquet (PhotoImpact)
PAGE 171 Spring Garden (Paint Shop Pro)
Pharaoh's Court (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 172 St Agnes' Eve (Vue d'Esprit)
Dragonflies (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 173 Mouse in Danger (Vue d'Esprit)
When the cat's asleep... (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 174 The Old Yard (Vue d'Esprit)
Swan (Paint Shop Pro)
PAGE 175 Get Away from my Family (Vue d'Esprit)
Romeo and Juliet (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 176 Pharaoh's Temple (Vue d'Esprit)
Wishing Well Fairies (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 177 The Last Plum (Vue d'Esprit)
Lovers' Rendezvous (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 178 You Shall go to the Ball (Vue d'Esprit)
The Lovers (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 179 The Ice Fairy (Vue d'Esprit)
The Village Green (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 180 Ornaments (Paint Shop Pro)
The North Pole (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 181 Beware of the Dog (Vue d'Esprit)
Ship in a Bottle (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 182 The Circus Comes to Town (Vue d'Esprit)
The Rabbit Field (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 183 Bears and Friends (Vue d'Esprit)
The Panda Family (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 184 Hopes and Dreams - JFF 159 (Paint Shop Pro collage)
The Geisha's Home (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 185 Four Views (Terragen)
PAGE 186 A Magical Place (Vue d'Esprit and Poser)
An Unlikely Dream (Photographs and Poser)
PAGE 187 The Man of La Mancha (Vue d'Esprit and Poser)
Morning Ride (Terragen and Poser)
PAGE 188 Cottage in the Woods (Poser)
Glass Ornament (Vue d'Esprit and Poser)
PAGE 189 The King in his Kingdom (Poser)
Royal Family (Poser)
PAGE 190 A Fairy Glade (Photograph, Painter and Poser)
Jigsaw Puzzle (Terragen, Paint Shop Pro and A.V.Bros Puzzle plugin)
PAGE 191 Unicorn pictures. Unicorn Falls (Poser)
They Missed the Boat (Vue d'Esprit and Poser)
PAGE 192 Passion Watch (Vue d'Esprit)
Romance (Vue d'Esprit and Poser)
PAGE 193 A Victorian couple and their home (1)
Last minute Christmas shopping
Ready for Christmas
PAGE 194 A Victorian couple and their home (2)
The Ballroom
The house exterior
PAGE 195 A Victorian couple and their home (3)
The Hall
The Master's bedroom
PAGE 196 A Victorian couple and their home (4)
My Lady's chamber
Boxing Day visiting
PAGE 197 Down the garden path (Vue d'Esprit)
PAGE 198 Spring Garden (Vue d'Esprit)
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas (Poser and PhotoImpact 10)
PAGE 199 Victorian Music Box (Poser, Animation Shop)
PAGE 200 Images of ancient Egypt (PhotoImpact 12)
PAGE 201 The Crucifixion - four views (PhotoImpact X3, Painter Essentials 3 and Painter 7)
PAGE 202 Gun dog at work (Vue 6 Pro Studio)
Pheasant startled from the wheat field (Vue 6 Pro Studio)
Pheasant startled from the wheat field - oil painting (Vue 6 Pro Studio PhotoImpact X3, Painter Essentials 3 and Painter 7)
PAGE 203 Gulls and Rocks (Vue 6 Pro Studio)
Rags in oils (Painter 7 and PhotoImpact X3)
PAGE 204 Wild sky (Terragen)
Sunset (Terragen and PhotoImpact X3)
PAGE 205 Winter playground (Vue 6 Pro Studio)
Collecting the Yule Log and Christmas Tree (Vue 6 Pro Studio)
PAGE 206 Emperor Penguins - three images (Vue 6 Pro Studio)
PAGE 207 A partridge in a pear tree (PhotoImpact X3)
PAGE 208 Some award winners
Daz3d items Christmas card (Vue 6 Pro Studio)
Moorland cottage in the rain (Vue 6 Pro Studio)
Coral reef (Vue 6 Pro Studio)
PAGE 209 Dangerous waters (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
Hawk hunting (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
PAGE 210 Buttons for sale (PhotoImpact X3)
Guarding the crops (Vue 7 Pro Studio and PhotoImpact X3)
PAGE 211 Autumn sunrise (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
Message in a bottle (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
PAGE 212 The lighthouse (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
The surfer (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
PAGE 213 The Flying Dutchman (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
Walking the dog (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
PAGE 214 The orchard (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
Broken glass (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
PAGE 215 The Red Arrows (two views)(Vue 7 Pro Studio with PhotoImpact X3 postwork)
PAGE 216 Autumn in the woods(Vue 7 Pro Studio)
A summer treat (Vue 7 Pro Studio)
PAGE 217 Hummingbird and her chick (Painter 7)
The Cathedral Nave (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
PAGE 218 The Sanctuary and High Altar (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
The east window (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
PAGE 219 The Agnus Dei and circular windows (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
The south aisle (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
PAGE 220 A confessional (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
The font (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
PAGE 221 The Sanctuary at Pentecost (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
A sunny morning (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
PAGE 222 The Water Mill Exterior (Vue 8 Studio)
The Water Mill Gears (Vue 8 Studio)
PAGE 223 The Grinding Floor (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
The Ground Floor (Vue 8 Studio, Poser)
The Loading Area (Vue 8 Studio)
PAGE 224 Sunset at sea (Vue 8 Studio)
Hunter and prey (Vue 8 Studio)
PAGE 225 The thaw begins (Vue 8 Studio)
A pendant (PhotoImpact X3)
PAGE 226 Moorland cottage in winter (Vue 8 Studio)
House plan (Punch! Home Architect 5000)
PAGE 227 Beehives in the blossom (Vue 8 Studio)
Jungle ruins (Vue 8 Studio)
PAGE 228 Dolphins (Vue 8 Studio)
The lonely sea and the sky (Vue 8 Studio)
PAGE 229 A restful place (Vue 8 Studio)
Chinese waters (Vue 8 Studio)
PAGE 230 Road works ahead (Vue 8 Studio, PhotoImpact X3)
Brooch (PhotoImpact X3)
PAGE 231 Lace coaster (PhotoImpact X3)
Lace place mat (PhotoImpact X3)
Lace tablecloth (PhotoImpact X3)


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